Gameful Design Workshop

Our hands-on workshops for startups, enterprise, and brands managers lead by Dr, Hanan Gazit Ph.D. , juloot interactive founder, covers all the basics and the advance gameful design framework, principles you should know, and more:) Choose your entry level for reaching Mastery:

Introduction to the Gameful Heroes' mindset and design framework. Explore and learn the basic secrets of successes from the video games industry and the eSports boom.

7 takeaways for participants:

  • Intro: What video games and eSports can teach use about user journey, engagement, community building, costumers' loyalty, and business models.
  • Know your users: The Gameful Heroes' Generation.
  • What is the Gameful Mindset DNA and why it is so important to you?
  • The seven basic principals of great Gameful Design?
  • The five D's phases of the Gameful design process
  • Best practices, case studies, and trends of our Gameful Future you should know now
  • The ten affordences of successful games and effective gamification solutions

How to harness and utilize all of the above (Mindset, Toolbox) to boost your enterprise, and reach your goals.

The advance workshop focus on the keys for designing, deploying and managing your own Gameful framework:

Takeaways for participants:

  • Hands-On: Design your own gameful framework concept
  • Know: What are the keys for effective implementation of your gameful design framework
  • Learn: How to analyze, deploy, test and manage your gameful design framework