Professional consulting services in characterizing and designing virtual reality environments and 3D virtual worlds | Analyzing user interactions (Behavior engineering) in Virtual Reality Environments and Video Games | Building learning and training simulations with avatars | Researching innovative tech and trends | Producing content and delivering lectures for virtual events and e-conferences.

juloot lead by Dr. Gazit, helps high-tech companies, brands, startups and educational institutions to implement playful and empowering experiences in the Metaverse, and within Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Gaming environments.

The consultation process starts with defining the project’s main goals with the client, followed up by designing the effective solution within the selected virtual / gaming platform solution to meet the client’s needs and goals. Additional services include a Strategic business plan, a framework for gameful ux – user experience analysis, System management insights based on big data for admins. Scaling-up suggestions.