Developing new app or establishing a new startup? Want to make your app addictive like Clash Royal? Want to make it 'Fun and Sticky' for your users like Waze?

Want to level Up your employees and make them more engaged, creative, and productive like League of Legends / CS: Go Esports team players?

We will be happy to assist and consult you on the Strategy, Gameful Design, and development of the right gamification application for your enterprise, organization's products and services, websites and apps.

*We offer startups an exclusive track and discounts to utilize our GamefulHeroes skills and advantages.

The Gameful Enterprise


Our Mission: Boost your SUCCESS with Gamification

Our five phases Gameful Design framework (see below) process aim is to level up your business results, ROI (Return on Investment) and ROE (Return on Engagement). Use our gamification expertise to development your own gamification SDK solution. Alternatively, we can assist you with picking the right existing solution on the market. (e.x: Funifier's Studio).

Gamification for Startups

We work with the best gamification and gameful content platforms vendors in the world, to get you the best ROI and ROE solution.

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The Gameful Design Process

Our Gamification design process is based on five iterative phases which are built to reach your business objectives, ROI (Return on Investment) and ROE (Return on Engagement).
In our real design practice, it is hard to tell when one phase stops and the next starts. Developed by juloot interactive founder Dr. Hanan Gazit {Ph.D.}, the gameful design process is a working framework, which helps us process, analyze and think better.
Our Gameful Design Process

Our Gameful design process starts with helping you define your business goals, strategy and knowing your players. We listen and observe to discover:
1. What are your needs?
2. Where you are and what you have now? (Resources, Limitations)
3. Who are your players?
4. What would you like to level up?
5. What is your timetable for reaching your project's goals?

We conduct a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) of current gamification solutions and technologies. Next, we show you the GamefulHeroes space which includes possible trajectories and ways to reach your project's objectives.

We design the gamification engine, a prototype which includes the micro-gameful interactions, mechanics and dynamics, benchmarks, and matrix.

We develop the gameful framework engine and repeat the design process if necessary for fine-tuning.

We advise and assist on the deployment of the gamification framework on your site, then continuously monitor and analyze players' behavior. We level up and scale up according to your project's objectives.

Among our Clients: