7 Best Gamification examples for Brands Unlocked

juloot Founder Dr. Hanan Gazit , will present 7 best gamification examples for brands. Hands-On gamification design workshop for executives will be followed.

Here’s the gamiificaiton workshop DNA in under #140

The gamification nation have change and evolve tremendously since our gamification for brands unlocked workshop last year.

7 best gamification for brands examples unlocked and presented in the workshop published. on the arrow below to unlock

The art of games and playfulness design is to win your costumers attention, engagement and boost loyalty. This video shows how serious it can get. Be ware!-)

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Elhanan Gazit Ph.D, is a Video games researcher, Senior Gamification Adviser, and Mentor of top enterprise, high-tech companies, and startups. Based on his rich field and academic expertise, he has developed a Gameful design mindset, which gives executives a solid framework and insights on how to boost results with designing Epic UX/ CX.

Elhanan Gazit phd juloot founder
Elhanan Gazit Ph.D.:
“My work is a Game and I’m lovin’ it!”