How we Gamify the City?

We designed and crafted a mobile game “Explore our City” to celebrate foursquare international day. The goal of the location based game was put by the City Mayor:

We want to promote local fashion stores and businesses around our main city Boulevard and to increase the awareness of teens to our local heritage places.

To meet this challenge we design 4X4 tasks and mission around 16 businesses and 16 heritage points of interest. 32 POI in total.

Starting at the City Center square near the City Hall, the game was played in teams of friends and families.

juloot interactive gamify the City 4sqday


Ramat-HaSharon Municipality.


foursquare app, iOs, Adroid, Street game, location based game, reward and points sys.

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juloot Founder Dr. Hanan Gazit Ph.D. 🎮⚔️  is a Video Games researcher, Virtual Reality, Gameful User Experience, and Gamification design and analysis expert. Senior Adviser to organizations, enterprise and startups; Keynote Speaker. Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA) Israeli chapter, Business Mentor at at High-tech Accelerator Hubs, Book writer ‘GamefulHeroes’ (in prep), Gamer.

Dr. Hanan Gazit Ph.D.
Dr. Hanan Gazit Ph.D. at work with Microsoft Hololens